Summer Lifestyle

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Dive into the essence of summer with our exquisitely designed “Summer Lifestyle” presentation template collection. These vibrant templates feature a whimsical summer theme, highlighted by a delightful watermelon and ice cream pattern, encapsulated in a refreshing palette of red, pink, and touches of green. Designed for a breezy and engaging presentation experience, this collection of 24 versatile slides is perfect for a wide range of purposes, whether you’re crafting a pitch, an educational module, or a creative storytelling session.

These templates embody the spirit of summer fun, with playful design elements that add an element of joy to your presentation. From the inviting “Summer Lifestyle” title slide to the attention-grabbing “Whoa!” slide, each template is a canvas waiting to be filled with your unique content. The clever use of watermelon seeds as bullet points, and the quirky ice cream graphics, blend cohesiveness with charm, making every slide both visually appealing and functional.

Flexibility is at the core of the “Summer Lifestyle” template collection. Suitability for platforms like PowerPoint, Canva, Google Slides, and Keynote means you can edit and present your work with ease, no matter your preference. The inclusion of varied slide designs, such as content layouts, a table of contents, name cards, and a Q&A section, ensures that you’ll find the perfect backdrop for every part of your presentation.

Whether you’re sharing a business concept, educational content, or personal stories, these templates are designed to support your message and engage your audience. The thoughtful balance between design and whitespace allows your content to stand out, ensuring your audience focuses on your message while still enjoying the playful summer theme.

Immerse your audience in a presentation that’s as refreshing as a slice of watermelon on a hot day with our “Summer Lifestyle” templates. The collection is a free download, allowing you to bring a touch of summer to your presentations all year round. Perfect for creators who want to convey professionalism without sacrificing fun and creativity, these templates are a testament to the power of great design. Try them out and watch your presentations come to life with the vibrant energy of summer.

PowerPointHub-Summer Lifestyle – Copy.pptx by Powerpoint Hub

Feature of this PowerPoint Template:

  • Fully and easily editable (shape color, size, and text)
  • Drag and drop image placeholder
  • This template has a color theme and will automatically apply when copied and pasted
  • The aspect ration of 16:9
  • 24 unique slides
  • This file already have imbedded fonts


  • Personal and education use.
  • Not allow for commercial use.
  • Not allow for (re)sell, (re)distribute.
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