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My Classroom

If your a teacher or a student , here is a presentation for you to present your lessons. This template work with Keynote, Google Slides and Canva.

Graphic Tool

If you are freelance graphic design freelance ,This template can help present your projects or your skills. Working Google Slide , Keynote and Canva.


Template is designed for presentation about Buddhist monk with cute monk cartoon. Free download for Google Slide , Keynote and Canva.

Puppy Story

Find puppy or dog presentation. Here is designed to present your puppy or business related to dog. Free download for Google Slide , Keynote and Canva


Do you like marker or highlighter pen? This is free stylish Highlighting template for PowerPoint, Keynote , Google Slide and Canva. 100% Free download.


Flamingo is a nice template for presentations with a Flamingo Cartoons. You can download template for PowerPoint , Keynote , Google Slides and Canva.


This is free download template with cute illustration of cacti or cactuses. This can be used by plant lovers, students and other presenters. Enjoy.